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White Candle

White Candle

Candle history

In history, candle making was developed independently in many countries. The earliest known candles were made by the Chinese from whale blubber during the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC). Today, in the Zhongya factory, we start to produce candles using industrialized processes, providing white candles with high concentration, environmental protection and competitive prices.

What is the white candle made of?

Most white candles are only made of paraffin, which is a natural white waxy petroleum compound. There is a difference between white candles and colored candles. White candles are usually pure soy, white beeswax or paraffin candles without any candle dyes. Colored candles are made by adding candle dye to wax.

How long does a white candle normally burn?

White candles with small wicks usually burn for 7 to 9 hours per 1 ounce of wax, while small candles with large wicks can burn for 5 to 7 hours per 1 ounce of wax. You can choose a candle of the right size based on your actual situation combined with this criterion. We can supply 18g, 22g, 28g, 30g, 35g, 50g, 65g, 68g white candle. No matter what your needs are, we all can meet you!

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