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West africa selling bright holy candle

Jan. 22, 2020

Ghana candle Cameroun candle Benin candle, Mauritania candle, Mali, Guinea and Gambia candle Senegal candle, west africa buy bright white candle from shijiazhuang zhongya candle manufacture, this market is very interested in house hold candles. Bougies as this,

China Candle produce Price White Bright Candles,

Home decoration wax bright white plain stick candle, made of paraffin wax,

Ghana market bright candles selling well.

35-40gram /pc bright candles is popular in Ghana candles market.

Pls choose.

The white paraffin wax stick candle and bright candles made of 70% pure white paraffin wax and stearic acid

Holy white candle packing usually 8pcs in box 30 yellow box in one carton.

Any inquire for house hold bright candles pls be free to contact with me

We candle manufacture will supply best price and good quality candle.

Candles price will decided by candles weight size and material

If you choose cheap candles then size will small and weight will less. goods quality make sure at first

Any size we can do the good burning candles.

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