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Tealight Candles vs. Votive Candles

Apr. 13, 2021

Tealight Candles vs. Votive Candles

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Tealight candles and both are very versatile and cheap choices or home decorations. The following is a guide for choosing the method that best suits your needs based on four characteristics.

Burning time

Burning time is the main consideration when choosing votive and tealight candles. If used for events, the length of the event will determine which one is the best choice. No one wants to change or relight candles at a wedding or party, so consider the burning time. Although the diameters are similar, it is desirable that the votive is taller and contains more wax than tealight. A typical votive will burn for 10 hours, while tealight will burn for 3-5 hours. A votive candle must be burned in the votive candlestick to achieve full burning time, so don't forget to use the holder with a votive. If your event is short, a tealight may be your best choice. However, if your event will last more than four hours, choosing okay is a better choice. Winner: Votive Candle

Easy to clean

Your event is over! It's so spectacular, your guests love the feeling of candlelight. Now is the time to clean up. What is easier to clean up? Tea lights are the big winner here. Tealight candles have a built-in candle holder made from metal or plastic cups, but they are considered disposable. This means they can be thrown directly into the trash can. Votives are made of glass holders, so most people choose to collect them and store them for later use. A good way to take the old wax out of the votive holder is to put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Take it out and the wax will pop out immediately, so you have a clean holder that you can use again. Therefore, although the votive provides a second opportunity to use, tealight candles are the easiest to clean. Winner: tealight candle


Any decision between two products usually involves a cost comparison. Remember, the votive needs the holder of the votives, so we need to include the cost of these two items. Obviously, tealight provides better value, but even votive is cheaper when bought in large quantities. Winner: tealight candle


Candles are for appearance. It feels magical when you are in candlelight. I have always been taught that beauty is in the eyes of the candlelight, but in this case, I feel comfortable rendering a decision. Candles burning on glass holder have a classic and timeless appearance. They will make any event or home look better. The tea lights just don't have the same quality as their appearance. They will not negatively affect your activities or family, but they will not add the same beauty to your life. Winner: Votive Candle


So in the contest of votive candles and tealight candles, who wins? This is a tie! The actual decision is usually easy to make because the four different qualities of these candles vary from person to person. Usually, when planning an event, such as a wedding, one of these qualities will determine your choice, so it should be easy to make a decision. Once a decision is made, make sure you buy from a reputable retailer, and you are on your way with a surprising event.


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