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paraffin wax candle raising will stop or not

Apr. 26, 2021

Since the end of October last year, the candle market has been crazy. Only rising and not falling paraffin manufacturers will not miss this opportunity. It's basically a month, and then a Monday. The price of candles is basically a week change. No one expects to rise. There is always a time to fall, but knowing that in April 2021, paraffin raw materials have not shown signs of falling, we no longer wait and see, can only be prepared according to the actual order.  At the same time, high shipping has created some difficulties for exporters. The booking is difficult and the freight is high. Make the factory always uneasy. 

And the exchange rate. Not optimistic for exporters. We are not sure whether the market fluctuation is caused by the new coronavirus. But there are orders, because the market still needs consumer goods, we can provide on time, many ways to purchase raw materials, reduce candle costs.

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