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Nigeria Candle Market

Dec. 23, 2020

With the globalization of international trade, more and more governments are implementing compliance assessments as part of their sustainable development plans, use it to protect domestic consumers from safety, health and environmental hazards associated with the import of substandard products: Are Your Nigerian exports on the local government controlled product list? Does your product comply with local technical regulations and standards? Have you acquired the SC (SONCAP Certificate) for customs clearance prerequisite product compliance?


Our Factory candles ,named bougies in Nigeria ,aslo will inspected and apply S/C .to get COC ceritificate ,but it is no problem.we can apply for Nigeria clients .


Our white wax paraffin wax candles are smokeless and tearless .long time burning .packing paper shrink .carton aslo strong ,cotton wick ,it is popular candles with cheap price in Nigeria Candle market. We often ship to APAPA ,Tincan ,Onne ,and so on .with more experience.