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Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 58-60 Deg. C/PetroChina Dalian Kunlun Brand for Candle making

Paraffin wax is made from natural crude oil, available in white slab and granule,odorless without physical impurity, water and additives. Having superior properties of penetration, adhesiveness, moisture resistance as well as insulativity.


Applications: Candle, crayon, stencil paper, match, telecommunication equipment, PVC, rubber, polishing cream and hot melt adhesive, etc..

ItemStandard ValueTest Method
AppearanceWhite slab
Melting Point,°C58-60GB/T2539
Oil Content,(m/m,%)MAX 1.5GB/T3554
Color, No.MIN +18GB/T3555
  Light Stability, No.  max. 6GB/T0404
Penetration (25°C,100g) 1/10mmmax. 23GB/T4985
Kinematic Viscosity (100°C),mm2/sReportGB/T265
Odour, No.max. 2GB/T0414
Water Soluble & Acids AlkisNilGB/T0407
Mechanical Impurity and WaterNil

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